Pure Jongo A2 Wireless Hi-Fi Adapter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Pure Jongo A2 Wireless Hi-Fi Adapter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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The Jongo A2 is a clever little box that connects your existing Hi-Fi to Jongo, giving your old hi-fi a new lease of life. Turn your old speakers wireless; stream music from any device, any app, anywhere.


  • Stereo Output

    Stereo Output

    Use your existing Hi-Fi as a multiroom speaker


  • Bluetooth Caskeid

    Bluetooth Caskeid

    Play music from any app wirelessly from any bluetooth compatible device


  • Multiroom


    Stream music synchronously all around the home in any or every room

  • Pure Connect Control

    Pure Connect Control

    Simple setup and a whole host of content from the 'Pure Connect' app


  • Compact


    With a small base this radio is ideal for when there's limited space


  • Wi-Fi


    Stream music wirelessly using your home WiFi network


Give your old hi-fi a new lease of WiFi life

The A2 is small, perfectly formed and incredibly clever! Simply plug it in to your existing hifi sound system and connect it to Wi-Fi and you'll be able to stream music from any of your devices to play on your old hifi speakers.

What you'll enjoy

  • Instantly upgrading your existing hi-fi speakers to Wi-Fi
  • Making the most of your old equipment, instead of retiring it.
  • Stream synchronized music from any device (e.g. laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.), using any music app or music streaming service, and enjoy perfectly synchronized music on as many Jongos as you like all around your house
  • The opportunity to dress the A2 up in different colours to match your mood.
  • The astonishment of friends and family when you demonstrate how you can control your traditional hifi from your phone or tablet!


  • The chance to expand your Jongo multiroom speaker system (if you have Jongo) by adding your old hifi speakers to it.

Easy to use

Simply plug your A2 into your old hifi system, connect it to Wi-Fi, then download the free Pure Connect app and you're ready to Jongo! The app transforms your smartphone or tablet into the ultimate audio remote control to play all your music and radio.

Easy to choose

You can create a Jongo system to suit you perfectly. Start with the A2 to turn your hifi Wi-Fi, then if you want to enjoy multiroom listening, add a Jongo speaker – or a few!


  • Model:


    Jongo A240


  • Wireless:


    802.11b and 802.11g supported with WEP and WPA/WPA2. A2DP Bluetooth support


  • Codec support:


    Includes WMA (Standard V9), AAC, MP3, MP2


  • Input connectors:


    5.5VDC power adapter socket (110-230V supplied), USB A for product upgrades and Ethernet connectivity (optional adapter available)


  • Controls:


    Power, Wi-Fi setup


  • Mains Power Supply:


    110-230V AC to 5.5V DC external power adapter (supplied)


  • Warranty:


    Comprehensive three year warranty for Jongo A2*

    *Products purchased before 09/05/2014 have a comprehensive two year warranty


  • Dimensions:


    w 108mm x d 106mm x h 55.5mm


  • Weight:




  • Approvals:


    European CE, US FCC/ETL, Australian C-Tick. Wi-Fi Alliance



Box contents:

  • Jongo A2
  • Power adapter
  • Quickstart guide
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